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About Club

About Club


Club No. 51010, R I Dist 3131

Club History

Rotary Club of Daund is chartered on 8th April, 1998. It is sponsored by Rotary Club of Khadki. Rtn R. D. Buchake is the GSR for our Club and he has made tremendous efforts to form this club. The charter ceremony of the club took place at Mary Memmorial School on 13th September 1998 and Rtn. Avinash Harhare and Rtn. Sanjay Ingale were inducted as Charter President and Charter Secretary respectively. There were 33 members at the time of Charter Ceremony.



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Rotary Club of Khadki


Rotary Club of Daund


List of District Officers from our Club


1) Rtn. PP Dr. Sanjay Ingale        

Chairman- Zone 2 - District Club Administration Committee

2) Rtn. PP Milind Waghmare

Co-Chairman- Protocols

3) Rtn. PP Sunil Deshmukh

Co-Chairman- Career Guidance

4) Rtn. PP Dr. Vinod Pokharna

Co-Chairman- Health Care & Camps



List of Presidents & Secretaries of our club:

1) 1998-1999                Rtn. Avinash Harhare / Rtn. Sanjay Ingale

2) 1999-2000                Rtn. Dr. Raja Mane / Rtn. Anant Dandawate

3) 2000-2001               Rtn. Sanjay Ingale / Rtn. Milind Waghmare

4) 2001-2002               Rtn. Anant Dandawate / Rtn. Sunil Deshmukh

5) 2002-2003               Rtn.Dr.Ravindra Sathe / Rtn. Rashmikant Shah

6) 2003-2004               Rtn. Milind Waghmare / Rtn. Dr. Mukund Bhor

7) 2004-2005               Rtn. Sunil Deshmukh / Rtn. Shailaja Lonkar

8) 2005-2006               Rtn.Dr.Premkumer Bhattad /Rtn.Dr.Deepak Jadhav

9) 2006-2007               Rtn. Gurumukh Narang / Rtn. Mukesh Agrawal

10) 2007-2008             Rtn. Dr. Mukund Bhor / Rtn. PP Sanjay Ingale

11) 2008-2009             Rtn. Anil Sonawane    / Rtn. PP Avinash Harhare  

12) 2009-2010             Rtn. Sunil Deshmukh / Rtn. Aruna More        

13) 2010-2011             Rtn. Dr. Vinod Pokharna / Rtn. PP Milind Waghmare

14) 2011-2012             Rtn. Dr. D. S. Lonkar / Rtn. Raju Nikam













Some of our Projects are:

-       Construction of Rotary Island at Kurkumbh Road, Daund.

-       2 Classrooms for Shishu Vikas Mandir.

-       Polio Corrective Surgery Camp.

-       Construction of Rotary Udyaan at Nanvij, Tal. Daund.

-       Donation of Borewell and storage tank at Girim, Tal. Daund.

-       Construction of Public Urinals near Tehsil office & in Hutatma Chowk, Daund.

-       Construction of toilet block for girls school, Kangaon village.

-       Donation of Pure Drinking Water systems to various schools in Daund Taluka.

-       25 registrations of eye donations.

-       Seating arrangement at Daund Railway Station.

-       Kali Umaltana – an ongoing project for adult education for teenage girls.

-       Construction of toilet blocks for mentally retarded children.

-       Cardiac Checkup Camp at Lonkar Hospital, Daund.

-       Formation of Rotaract Club of Daund.

-       Formation of Interact Club of Daund.

-       Donation of School Bus to Mary Memorial School (Matching Grant Project)

-       Free Educational Scholarship

-       Blood Donation Camps

-       Felicitation of Scholars

-       Squint Surgery Screening Camp

-       Kargill Slideshow for Youth

-       Distribution of Wheel Chairs

-       Participation in RDEP Project.

-       Conduction of RYLA.